Atmospheric Sterilisation & Sanitation for COVID-19

Our Atmospheric Sterilisation & Sanitation service is specifically designed to combat the COVID-19 virus.

The service is essentially a fogging procedure, carried out by our professional and certified staff, on time and within your budget in accordance with your Health and Safety Standards.

What is Fogging?

Fogging is a process using a sanitizing agent 'Biochem Say NO 19', pressurised using our portable equipment then expelled into the atmosphere as a fog (mist) - the fogging spreads to all surface areas including hard to reach areas.

Is it Safe?

Yes, 'Biochem Say NO 19' is approved NZ MPI and is used in food processing areas and areas accessible by the public.

New Zealand has approved this product and it is 99.99% effective against COVID-19 within 1 minute of application. Tests undertaken BS EN14476:2013 and A2:2019 were performed by internationally renowned Blutest Laboratories (UK).

Where and When to use A.S.S.S

This product can be used everywhere to assist in the prevention of the spread of COVID-19, and when you may or may not be a location of interest or you think you have been exposed to COVID-19. Most importantly it should be used in the Food preparation areas, Kitchens, Dining rooms, in high staff/client traffic areas, other areas include Corridors, Lifts, Apartment Accommodation common areas, Bathrooms.

Ideal Use

Good A.S.S.S should be used after a complete kitchen clean to firstly remove all grease and dirt. This will assist in the effectiveness of the chemical (Biochem Say No 19) and then the Good A.S.S.S to be applied.

VCS is normally requested to carry out the kitchen clean, but if our client has already had this done or prefers to use their own staff to clean their premises, VCS are able to only carry out the Good A.S.S.S fogging site procedure.

Site Preparation and Work as Normal

Our team will ensure the site is prepared and made ready for fogging with little or no disruption to your staff or working practices. As the prep work typically involves the covering of fans, alarms and similar devices, your staff can continue their duties as normal. Once the actual process of fogging starts, staff will be required to leave the affected area. This will only be for a short amount of time due to the effectiveness and speed of the fogging process. Staff can return to the area and resume their duties soon after VCS staff leave the area.

Tough Times

As normal, if clients using any of VCS services are offered any new service at a reduced (discounted) rate.

Due to these lockdowns, every business that we know of have or are now suffering financially, therefore VCS are now offering this new Good A.S.S.S to all existing and new clients at a reduced rate.

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