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Canola Corn Oil Blend - 13.5kg Bag in Box

This specially formulated GM free blend of cold pressed South Island grown and crushed Canola Oil, along with New Zealand crushed Corn Oil, is carefully refined at the Bakels Edible Oils Plant in Mount Maunganui. The combination of the highly monounsaturated Canola Oil, coupled with the delicate flavour notes attributed to the Corn Oil, provide an excellent and unique Frying Oil for Foodservice establishments. Using locally processed Crude Oils as our raw materials allows us to minimise our carbon footprint and work toward Government led sustainability goals.

Coupled with this the sustainability circle can be completed with the used Frying Oil being collected by Vat Cleaning Services for recycling, with various local industries or for production of environmentally friendly Biodiesel at a modern Singapore Biofuel Refinery.

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